The security of a box trailer; the flexibility of a curtainsider

• Prevents theft – Slash resistant Kevlar material prevents thieves gaining access to loads

• Increases Curtain’s Lifespan – Prevents internal damage to curtains during loading/unloading and shifting loads in transit

• Saves money – Reduces need for costly repairs or replacement of curtains

CurtainSafe is protected by: Patent
Nos: GB2385297 & EP1490224 (pending)

• Lightweight & Flexible - Lightweight material does not impede curtains when they are scrolled back unlike chainmail and bodyarmour systems

• Secure & Discreet Fitting – Heat welded to inside of curtains so material
is not visible from outside

• Easy to Fit – Can be retrofit or supplied at refurb or newbuild

• 28,000 Trailers fitted - Customers include: Wincanton, Asda, Nestle,
Interbrew, Electrolux

• Range of Protection – Material can be supplied at 0.75 metre, 1m, 1.5m,
2m or 3m high

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