Welcome to TISS Security Systems,
the GLOBAL Fuel Security and Safety Specialists

With over 30 years experience in the Haulage Industry, and a continual commitment to quality, innovation and saving customers money, TISS are able to provide you with the most effective fuel security and safety solutions. TISS’ comprehensive ‘TankSafe’ range is renowned around the world for solving any Haulier’s fuel security concerns.

Stop Fuel Theft, Prevent Diesel Spills and Overfilling.
- TankSafe ‘Impregnable’ - the only device in the world to:

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  • completely prevent skimming of diesel,
  • prevent diesel spillage and
  • prevent overfilling
  • Have proven savings of 10% off fuel bills, as confirmed by TISS customers
  • Be proven as the most effective anti-fuel theft device
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